What marketing materials should I have to effectively showcase my organisation?

Creating marketing materials are a highly effective way of promoting your business to your ideal customer. We’ve previously discussed the importance of having printed documents alongside online artwork, but what materials should you ensure you have in order to effectively showcase your organisation?

The basics

Before spending time creating leaflets and brochures, it’s crucial that you have solidified your branding, including developing a logo. Having consistent branding across your marketing items develops brand awareness, helping to make your company stand out against competition.

  • Firstly, develop a logo and use it across all your marketing items. This should include your company name and any images should be relevant.
  • Select suitable typography and maintain it on any written documents. You may want to select a couple, e.g. one for headlines and one for body text.
  • Choose a colour palette and incorporate it in your artwork. It’s ideal to have a few colours in your branding to allow you to expand your marketing items, but not too many that you reduce consistency.


 Business cards

 A staple in any marketing collateral should be a professional business card. They offer the perfect place to include your logo, branding and all of your details, and can be relatively cheap. Even if you operate online, a good printed business card can be effective in getting your clients to engage with you online.

Ensure that you include your name, company name, and contact details including a direct telephone number and email address. It’s worth considering not dating employees’ business cards by adding information such as a specific job title but consider department or specialism.


A brochure can be the opportunity to get across a broader message, making use of professional photography and design, plus incorporating your brand guidelines.

At Hollingwood Design & Print, we are passionate about printed publications such as brochures and enjoy assisting our clients in developing artwork that reflects their organisation and delivers their message.

Promotional item

Promotional items are essential in any catalogue of branded items, such as a notebook or diary that is company branded. Having a stock of promotional items gives the opportunity to provide your client with an item they will use and in doing so, be reminded of your company.

The key to effective promotional items is being creative. Decide which item fits with your target audience and go with it – if a notebook isn’t particularly suitable, you might consider alternative products such as a pen or mug.



Operating a website is standard practise in today’s society when running a business. Regardless of the size of your company, a website is your company’s overview and provides a level of professionalism and credibility to your company.

Many customers now search for a supplier or service online, with many consumers checking a company out online first to decide if they deem the company to be trustworthy. A professional looking website could be the difference in a sale converting.


An infographic visualises your most lucrative statistics and brings to life your success. This can be a good tool for attracting new business, investors and current and/or potential employees.

An infographic is a great way to tell your story, helping to attract traffic and reach maximum coverage, whilst keeping in with your branding. If there is concern about infographics being static and therefore not contributing to your SEO efforts, then you’ll be pleased to know that they can be created with HTML links to support your SEO strategy.

Emails signature

A signature is a great opportunity to deliver your branding in every email you send. It’s essential that it’s demonstrated across all employees within your company to create brand recognition from every person with every email exchanged.

Ultimately, the goal of developing marketing collateral is to boost your brand awareness and increase your revenue. This blog delves into some of the key items that you might develop in order to effectively boost your marketing efforts, but you should really be developing marketing collateral that will appeal to your audience, utilising the most effective call to action.

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