Why printed publications are still relevant in a digital age

Printed publications are still in demand and should be used alongside online marketing efforts as an integrated approach.

In today’s digital age there is a big focus on the use of online platforms to increase brand awareness and garner return on investment. Many companies utilise platforms such as email marketing, blogs and social media marketing to engage their audience and increase website traffic, but why is print media sometimes overlooked in the delivery of a marketing campaign?

It’s interesting to learn that a recent consumer survey showed that paper adverts kept viewers engaged for longer than digital adverts did. Many businesses assume that because their offering is online, then their marketing also needs to be, but a piece of printed work will always lead people online to complete that sale conversion if delivered effectively.

We’re passionate about pulling a story together in the form of a high-quality printed publications and have transformed many client’s messages in to printed artwork. Here’s our top 5 reasons why we’re confident that printed publications are still relevant in a digital age:

  • Print stands the test of time
    Once you have produced a printed document, it stands the test of time. Good content has the power to engage the reader one week later or one year later. You might find electronic documents useful for a one-off campaign, but a printed document can deliver your message again and again.
  • Print enforces your credibility 
    It could be suggested that users are less concerned about the source of information when presented with a printed document, offering a sense of legitimacy. With electronic documents comes risk of spam and viruses, something entirely avoidable for consumers with a printed document.
  • Print helps to strengthen your brand
    You have a great opportunity to establish your brand with print, including font, images and colours and keeping the consistency can strengthen the power of your brand.
  • Print engages the reader
    With website visitors spending, on average, 30 seconds per visit to a webpage with news coverage, compared with up to around 40 minutes reading a printed document, users are clearly more engaged by the way content is displayed on a physical publication than online.
  • Print is an unsaturated market
    As the overall demand for print declines, increasing the quantity of marketing emails in our inboxes, you have a great opportunity now more than ever to make noise with your printed marketing. It’s no longer the norm to send customers printed items as it was years ago, and so doing so can help you to stand out from the competition.

Creating printed documents to boost your marketing strategy doesn’t mean you have to abandon your online marketing efforts too. The two strategies can work alongside each other well and integrating the two approaches can make your marketing campaigns more effective.

At Hollingwood Design & Print, we’re passionate about delivering a message through the use of printed publications and have worked on a number of exciting projects that transform our client’s message.

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