Importance of face-to-face customer service

In a digital era, face-to-face customer service is still paramount when it comes  to business, especially when beginning a project. Text, Whatsapp, emails and social media are all great tools to have at hand, but often face-to-face communication is the most important as details can be discussed more accurately  before work commences. There are more than enough ways to communicate and too often texts and emails can add up to message overload.

Nothing compares to face-to-face communication to really understand how a customer is interpreting the information and advice you are providing them with and vice versa. Face-to-face communication with customers allows both sides to equally and honestly present their ideas and expectations, allowing projects to run fluently and efficiently.

Although some people may find the benefits of face-to-face customer service cliché, it can really help to improve your business’ personality and build a great relationship with your clients. In industries such as graphic design, face-to-face communication is vital in order to really understand a client’s interpretation of visual concepts and understand exactly what they are wanting to achieve.

Demonstrate importance
Having a face-to-face conversation or meeting with a client allows you to show that their business is important to you and the matters you are discussing  are worth your time and theirs. Your focus will get people’s attention and increase the potential for your message or view to be heard.

Interpret thoughts and feelings
When you are face to face, you can see and respond to people’s reactions – like facial expressions and body language – as well as their tone of voice. When communicating through emails and text messages, there is no way to truly interpret what somebody else means as all of these key indicators can get lost in translation. In the graphic design and print industry this could lead to a huge problem. Nonverbal ques such as facial expression and hand gestures are more important than you could ever really imagine.

Enhance credibility and trust
In a digital world, where many people can often doubt the trustworthiness of a website, face-to-face customer service is always welcomed. Being able to meet with people instantly creates a degree of trust and connection where text messaging and emails can fall down. Face-to-face interaction allows you to share your ideas and strategy, explain it clearly, and answer questions honestly. All of these layers create a real sense of credibility.

Build relationships
Let’s face it, we all prefer to work with  businesses we trust and with whom we share something in common. A friendly smile, a welcoming environment and engaging in light conversation before getting down to business allows each person to build a relationship and recognise common interests.

Building strong relationships helps maintain continuous business and allows you to confidently follow up with clients via email or phone as a relationship has been developed, slowly establishing a sense of trust that exceeds the initial face-to-face meeting.

Address sensitive issues
Finally, one of the biggest benefits of face-to-face communication is demonstrating respect for clients and a commitment to a successful outcome  Whether you are providing specific feedback to increase their success or delivering a tough message, handling this in person shows that you are conscious of their mindset and possible reactions. Taking the time to meet can help turn a challenging conversation into a trust-building interaction.

The graphic design and print industry thrives on face-to-face customer service and communication. It allows clients to build relationships with their design team and ensures that every project is carefully completed to meet their needs and also stand out in an overcrowded market.