Graphic Design Halifax

History of Graphic Design in Halifax

The principles of graphic design have been around for thousands of years, starting way way back in the prehistoric era. Think Cavemen, rock paintings and phonetic types. Graphic design really is that old! However, due to the constantly evolving world we live in and endless changes amongst culture, society, politics and technology, we have graphic design as we now know it, in Halifax and around the world.

Graphic design in Halifax exploded with the start of the industrial revolution. In the 1760s the industrial revolution began; introducing new manufacturing processes, meaning machines began to replace skills that previously would have been completed by hand. This caused up raw and unease throughout the region and the United Kingdom, however, it was the catapult to develop and shape graphic design in Halifax as we now know it.

During the industrial revolution, the first printing press was created. Requiring 1/10th of the manual labour previously needed, meaning documents and other printed materials could be created a lot quicker than before. Plus, typefaces had been introduced and provided a systematic way for articles and newspapers to be produced. It is here where graphic design really began to flourish.

In 1888 George Eastman began to manufacture paper film, creating the very first box camera. Although Cameras had been around for many years, they were vast in size and extremely difficult to move around. Making photography a lot more accessible to society and most importantly, more portable.

The development of photography combined with the evolution of the printing press boosted the graphic design industry into the stratosphere. Creating a platform that brought a sense of reality to the world, by allowing newspapers and adverts to be printed in large quantities, meant people became more aware of issues happening further away. A huge step forwards in graphic design in Halifax and the rest of the world.

The First and Second World Wars helped to quickly develop the graphic design industry into something that closely resembles what we have today. Technological advancements were continuously being developed in order to try and beat the enemy, meaning that whatever they had, we had to do better. Although the processes and developments were traditionally intended for warfare, the graphic design industry tentatively began to adopt some of the new technology available to them. These advances really began to change the way we recognise typical graphic design work, allowing brochures, posters and a lot of other publications to be created.

The introduction of the computer really began to change the way graphic design in Halifax was produced. Due to computers being relatively easy to use and with the ability to save and re-edit work, computers became the heart of all graphic design houses. Creating an industry in which a skilled designer is able to bring ideas to life quickly and professionally. Using powerful technology to carefully create material for both print and online. The development of the internet has not slowed down the graphic design industry, as consumers find a balance between the need for online and printed material.

So, whether it is digital design or graphic design for printed publications, graphic design in Halifax is very much still in demand. Helping to shape and represent businesses throughout the town and beyond.