Why using printed materials can support the educational sector to attract new students

As the use of social media continues to grow, the use of traditional marketing methods can often be overlooked when it comes to obtaining results, and our experience shows that good quality printed materials can significantly support schools in attracting new students when used in conjunction with other marketing methods.

There is a big emphasis in today’s modern society to keep up with the times or be at risk of being left behind. However, with an increase in digital noise, it can be difficult to cut through to your target audience, which is where printed materials come in.

Using design and print effectively, in particular flyer distribution, prospectuses, local paper and public transport advertisement can be a very direct way for schools, colleges and universities to attract and convert new students.

Using this marketing method gives you the ability to target specific audiences to inform about your educational offer and how it would suit/benefit them.

Below are a few different ways different printed marketing strategies can be useful;

Flyer Distribution

This is a very useful way to engage your specific target audience. In this case it would usually be parents and the local community.

In the Direct Marketing Association’s (DMA) ‘Annual door drop industry report 2017’, “door-drops had the highest growth of any medium at 7.4%”. This shows that is isn’t decreasing but it has actually been growing and that’s because it is still effective.

The feedback we receive from schools is that flyer drops play a significant role in driving traffic to their websites and followers on social media. More importantly it helps them to quickly and easily spread the word about upcoming Open Evenings for example.

Information Booklets/Prospectuses

While websites can convey all the information you need to share with parents and prospective students, nothing beats a physical document which the audience can review in their own time and without distractions of email alerts and social media notifications.

Studies have shown having a print in front of you; engages the viewer more and viewers still showed emotional response a week later, so it has a longer lasting effect.

Having prospectuses available during open days or available to post to prospective parents allows them to refer back to information easily post visit/enquiry so they still play a vital role in buying in to hearts and minds. Not only that, they serve as a reminder to visit digital marketing channels too.

Outdoor Advertising

Outdoor Advertising, and particularly advertising on public transport such as the back of or inside of buses provides the opportunity to reach a variety of demographics, for example both parents and prospective students, so using this medium for promotion will provide multiple touchpoints.

The use of printed publications doesn’t mean you should abandon online marketing, instead we encourage the education sector to utilise both to promote and increase the exposure of your organisation.

Here at Hollingwood Design & Print we take pride in making sure our clients get their message across through the use of printed publications. To discuss your next creative design and print project and how we can help, please call Hollingwood Design & Print on 01422 646720 or email hello@hwdap.co.uk.