Transform your business inquiries with print publications

In the age of digital, using a printed product may seem like an unusual thing to do but you might be surprised at just how popular print publications are. Print publications are far from dead and are now increasingly on the rise for businesses and organisations.

But in these days of rapidly evolving, game-changing marketing and with much of it taking place online, do brochures still have the power to hit us in the most important way of all, persuading us to part with our money and make a purchase? The answer is yes!

Millions of brochures continue to be printed and distributed in the UK, and are still regarded as a crucial tool for business-to-customer contact and a highly effective way in which to showcase goods or services. Brochures and print material are an excellent way of turning enquiries into customers in a way that is difficult to do online. Brochures are no longer purely an information catalogue anyone, they are well crafted and designed pieces of marketing that turn enquiries into customers.

Freshen up the way your businesses market to clients and potential prospects by creating a new brochure to showcase everything you have to offer; trust us, they’ll love it!  Plus, a brochure simply represents the fact that a business or organisation is serious about their operations and is here to stay, which ultimately helps build the client’s trust in your services.

What to include in your print publication:

Your USP – Every successful product or service comes with a Unique Selling Point, that’s what differentiates you from another business. Your brochure needs to promote this and answer the question “why should I purchase your product?” This USP needs to be included in the principal part of your brochure so that it receives ample attention.

A uniformed design – A brochure is a visual marketing tool, so it needs to be strong and grab attention. Our graphic designers can create a brochure that speaks to your target audience, even at first glance to sell your products and services.

Short and Sweet – A brochure needs to include enough information to sell your service but done so in a concise manner. There is no point in a long blabbering essay, keep things short and simple and let a clever design do all the talking.

There’s one thing that almost always hits you straight away when you pick up a glossy brochure and flick through its pages – that glorious smell of printed ink. When it comes to intoxicating aromas, those printed pages are up there with freshly baked bread, ground coffee and newly mown grass. Brochures are intoxicating for readers and almost instantly grab attention.

Trends come and go but print publications are here to stay. Find out how we at Hollingwood Design & Print can use our skills to transform the way your business uses print publications. Honestly, you’ll be amazed at how we can transform your business! Plus we are offering free business cards, compliment slips or letterheads with your printed publication until the end of March.

When you order your 8 page publication with us, please choose one of the following three FREE options:

  • 250 Business cards
  • 100 Letterheads
  • 100 Compliment Slips