New year, New image, Free promotion

It’s a new year and time to freshen up your business!  January and February are great months to start thinking about how you want to present your business for 2020 and the direction it will be heading in. Is there a change looming for your industry? Are you expanding this year? All of these things need to be taken into consideration when planning ahead.

The way you present your businesses to clients and potential prospects is important, after all first impressions really do count. Think of refreshing your brand as getting a new haircut or new clothes. You are not changing the core, but sprucing up a few things on the outside. As popular as leg warmers or a bowl cuts used to be, you don’t want to sporting these in 2020!

Making subtle changes to your brand tells your clients and prospects that you are making improvements to your business while maintaining the same core principles they have come to expect. Printed publications, business cards, letterheads and compliment slips are all great places to start when freshening up how your business is presented.

A professional brochure or prospectus is an excellent way to professionally reflect the quality of work your business or organisation can deliver. Beautifully designed and printed publications are still very much an important part of marketing and promotional materials, no matter how much the digital world grows. The digital world is a great way to begin showcasing your business, however, printed publications can really come into their own when promoting your services.

High quality multi-page publications can honestly reflect your business. Design layout is really important as it allows you to communicate your messages and tone to clients and potential clients in a manner you want to convey; whether it be through magazines, brochures, prospectuses or newsletters.

To help freshen up your business we are offering a choice of free business cards, letterheads or compliment slips alongside any first order of a printed publication of 8 pages or more. At Hollingwood Design & Print we want to lend a helping hand to local schools, businesses and organisations and what better way than by helping to create a great first impression with your clients and potential clients?

Many companies underestimate the importance and the impact printed publications, business card, letter heads and compliments slips can have when it comes to getting your business recognised. When was the last time you looked at the content you were presenting to your potential clients? It is important that you are presenting them with print materials that you are happy with and truly reflect exactly what your school, business or organisation is working towards. A brochure or business card from 2011 isn’t doing your business any favours.

Talk to our team at Hollingwood Design & Print to find out how you can transform your school, business or organisation’s printed materials. After all, you’ll get free business cards, compliment slips or letterheads with your printed publication too! It’s a great offer for your business and a way of saying thankyou from us.

When you order your 8 page publication with us, please choose one of the following three FREE options:

  • 250 Business cards
  • 100 Letterheads
  • 100 Compliment Slips