5 Reasons you should use Design & Print

1. Tangible
Print is a physical medium, meaning it can stay around for longer while internet ads and emails are more disposable.

2. Branding
Design & Print is a great way to solidify your brand. Ads should carry a consistant look to them in terms of fonts, colours and imagery to establish greater recognition. Recognition brings a sense of familiarity which makes potential customers more inclined to purchase from you.

3. Engagement
Consumers are more engaged when reading beautifully designed and printed material than they are on the web, where pages are skimmed in as little as 15 seconds. In short, people are more likely to fully take in what you are saying.

4. Less Saturation
With more and more businesses moving to advertising solely on the internet, high quality designed and printed media now has an easier job finding it’s voice and cutting through the noise.

5. Credibility
Well designed and printed media often carries a greater sense of legitimacy due to the over saturation of online display advertising which can be overwhelming for the audience. People are also becoming increasingly cautious of clicking on these ads because of the potential risk of viruses.