Hollingwood Design and Print: Past, present and future

After Hollingwood Design and Print was founded and established in 1998, we have gone from strength to strength!

More recently however we have felt the need for a brand refresh and a new website to take us into the future.

We have decided to keep the thumbprint from the last logo as we feel it represents our individuality but also how our clients can put their thumbprint on their business or organisation by using our design and print services.

From the red, green, blue, purple and orange blocks of colours used in our previous logo, we felt that they were a bit inhibiting as we want to convey that the sky is the limit and we can work well with all colours in design, print and projects we create for our clients. So that’s why we’ve made the thumbprint in the logo multi-coloured.

We have always been focused on going the extra mile and giving or clients the highest standard of work possible. So just as a thumbprint tells of how we are continuing making our mark with our unique thumbprint, we think of our existing and new clients doing the same with theirs.